Hi, I'm Jonathan Hillis 👋

I am a startup founder, angel investor, and product leader. My product team at Instacart scaled our shopper fleet 100x, helping millions of people make money independently online. Now I help more people take the leap into independent online work in the creator economies.

This is my blog, Meatspace Algorithms.

What is a Meatspace Algorithm?

Meatspace is a 90s-era internet slang term for the physical world, as opposed to cyberspace or a virtual environment.

Algorithms are a process or set of rules for problem-solving, especially by a computer.

Meatspace Algorithms are how software eats the world.

This blog is my space for exploring the paths software takes as it eats its way across industries and economies. I write about tech companies and their product strategies, new marketplaces and labor models, complex adaptive systems and artificial intelligence, and how all of this affects society. I use mental models like my Favorite Frameworks to think about the future and extrapolate ideas.

I make predictions that are probably wrong, but might be interesting. Being wrong on the internet is a superpower because duty calls an army of people to tell you why. If you'd like to tell me why I'm wrong, please reach out!

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Meatspace Algorithms